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  • Algorithm of Love: Chapter 2 – The Spark Ignites

    Algorithm of Love: Chapter 2 – The Spark Ignites

    Days turned into weeks as winter cloaked the campus in its icy grasp. Yet, within Leonard’s heart, a new fire had been kindled, and its warmth was more potent than any sweater or hot coffee. It was Kate, the intriguing, mesmerizing girl he had met at the library. Her presence had become a constant in…

  • Algorithm of Love – Prelude

    Algorithm of Love – Prelude

    For the past sixty days, Leonard had been engulfed in a consuming fog of desolation and apathy, a stark contrast to his usual vibrant self. His zest for life, once as insatiable as a wildfire, had gradually lost its spark. Now, it seemed to be nothing more than fading embers, threatening to extinguish entirely under…